Industrial Chic

Our space consists of several versatile spaces including Moonlight Studio, a 6,000 square foot acoustically treated space; three galleries totaling 4,000 square feet; and a production office/bridal suite. All of the spaces are interconnected and can be configured with endless possibilities. In addition, the foyer and alley may be used to create a totally unique experience.

Our spaces come with complimentary basic lighting, eight highboy tables and fifteen 72″ round dining tables.

Moonlight Studio
Gallery 01
Gallery 02
Gallery 03
Moonlight Suite


Moonlight Studio

6,000 Square Feet
Seated Dinner: 330
Cocktail Reception: 500
Classroom: 380
Theater: 400

Gallery 01

1,750 Square Feet
Seated Dinner: 100
Cocktail Reception: 150
Classroom: 120
Theater: 150

Gallery 02

1,350 Square Feet
Seated Dinner: 90
Cocktail Reception: 100
Classroom: 100
Theater: 140

Gallery 03

950 Square Feet
Seated Dinner: 50
Cocktail Reception: 80
Classroom: 60
Theater: 75

Moonlight Suite

865 Square Feet


1,650 Square Feet